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Luncbreak Carpool App

See the working version here.

Download ::


I spent about two hours writing the first version of this, and a weekend working on this release; it's still very buggy and feature poor. Nevertheless, so far it has:

  • Public / Private carpools (based on whether or not you fill in a 'secret word.'
  • Entries are associated with IP address (to determine who should be allowed to remove them).


This version has a good number of glaring problems.

Lacking Authentication

First and foremost there needs to be an authentication system in place. Implementing Django's built libraries for this would work, however, I decided that I'd prefer to implement OAuth in the next iteration and just allow log ins via Facebook/Twitter/Google.

Poor Cleanup

There are also some data cleanup issues (i.e. if you keep clicking the refresh button on certain pages things break…) I know where the problems are, and I'll be fixing this as soon as I have spare time (a few weekends from now?)

Non-optimal Formatting

Lastly, the formatting isn't ideal for all mobile browsers. I'll be adding some JavaScript to deal with this; scale according to browser type and screen dimensions.

Next Version

When I have time to work on this again I'll be fixing the issues above as well as adding e-mail/text message support (I have most of it written from past projects; I just need to copy it into this project). That way all members of a car/carpool will be notified when something changes (new members, questions about time/location, etc…).

In summary:

  • OAuth authentication
  • Improved bounds checking
  • More mobile friendly layout
  • E-mail/Text message alerts


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